The Witness Project

The Witness Project is a culturally informed, community-based breast and cervical cancer education program. It is designed to effectively increase awareness, knowledge, and motivation, thereby increasing screening and early-detection behaviors among African American women and ultimately reducing mortality and morbidity from breast and cervical cancer. The information is formatted for various learning styles. Material is presented sequentially through story-telling with experiential learning techniques, ... Show more rather than as a traditional didactic presentation, to appeal to adult learners with limited formal education. The Witness Project involves a team of local African American breast and cervical cancer survivors, "Witness Role Models" (WRMs), who speak to groups of other African American women at local churches and community organizations in rural areas. Church-based programs, held immediately after worship services, or concurrently with the Sunday School session, or at other regularly scheduled activity times, begin and end with a hymn and a prayer. Each witness role model in turn (two to five per program) talks to the group about her personal experience, highlighting early detection and treatment, and incorporating a spiritual context. The importance of taking responsibility for one's own health (empowerment and assertiveness) and the need to spread these messages throughout the African American community are emphasized. Participants are also taught breast self-examination using ethnic breast models and are given information about early detection and breast and cervical cancer screening services. While BSE has not been shown to be an effective early detection method, BSE training and processes are used in the educational program and agenda of the Witness Project as a behavior change modifier that has been shown to lead African American women to be 1) more comfortable with their bodies and paying more attention to changes that might occur, and 2) more likely to go on to decide to obtain clinical breast examinations (CBE) and mammograms. Read more about the Witness Project, click here For more information on the Witness Project, contact Dee Johnson at:716-845-1394 or 716-845-3383 or [email protected]

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